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Question   Amazing!!!!
they take your breath away!

- Elizabeth Rogers May 10, 2016

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Question   Cheet

- Liz Rogers December 23, 2014

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Question   photos
hi,nice photos.you do awesome work doc.

- thomas ray September 02, 2014

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Question   kudo's on great work!
Wow,what a talented man you are! photos are amazing. I enjoyed them very much.

- Marcia Martin April 05, 2014

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Question   Praise!
We've only seen a couple of the photos you did for us yesterday but what we've seen so far is beautiful! Exactly what we were looking for. Thank you so much!

- Holly Sykes March 24, 2014

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Question   What Amazing Photos!
Your sister Mary Ellen sent me the link to your site. I cannot believe how beautiful your photos are! You are so talented and the photos are just gorgeous!!

- Denise Van Buren January 21, 2013

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Question   Thanks
Thanks for checking out my site as well, My mom is Jan Stouch. I love your still life, Amazing!

- Sara Doty December 06, 2012

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Question   Sill Life
Your still life photos are stunning.

- n/a n/a August 02, 2012

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Question   HIll Cumorah Pageant
WOW WOW WOW. You captured the Pageant in a way I have never seen. I've even been in it, and I've never seen these details close up before. Absolutely stunning. My favorites are the close up of the King -- what a character! And also the child walking towards Jesus's outstretched hand. Such gorgeous pictures of movement and color. Great job!

-  December 02, 2011

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Question   Purchased framed photos
I selected 4 seasonal pictures from the galleries and had them matted and framed by Chet. I am so thrilled with them! It makes a beautiful grouping on my living room wall and I find my eyes drawn to them all the time...a calming effect yet senses alert with the beauty he captured. Thank you so much!

- Sandy Diamond March 26, 2011

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Question   Outstanding work
Chet your work is exemplary. Your images are very creative and beautiful. Thanks for giving the rest of us the opportunity to see how you view the world around you. Keep up the great great work.

- Orlando Guiang March 02, 2011

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Question   mush
I love the new work!! The mushrooms are so great. Nice shots! love you :)

-  January 27, 2011

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Question   beautiful photo "feelings"
I love your philosophy and can see it present in your art, your photos. An inspiration to us all.

- Maggie Beck September 01, 2010

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Question   Amazing Talent
Your photos are absolutely breathtaking. I just love to look at them. What an amazing talent you have. You capture the true story in your pictures. Thank you for such beautiful photos.

- Tina Helmer February 13, 2010

  Answer Thank you for the kind words Tina. Photography has been a passion for many years and I hope I'll be able to do it for the rest of my days.

- Chester Scerra  February 13, 2010

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Question   new pictures
amazing talent my big brother has,I show everybody this site.

- Mary Ellen Scerra August 20, 2009

  Answer That lady Paula
she is very photogenic
beautiful woman!! great pic

- Jesse James  November 30, 2009

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Question   My new stuff collection
Great stuff! Even though I was at camp over the weekend, I never saw these images in this way.... An eye opener, for sure.

- deni finch-frederick August 18, 2009

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Question   Mom and new stuff
i LOVE your new work from the Camp. Brianne and the band look absolutely gorgeous! The one with mom and hydrangeas is simply beautiful. Mom is so stunning!!! Great job pops.

-  August 13, 2009

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Question   spider web closeup
what are the beads among the spider's web
groups of molecular silk fibers?
sticky luring stuff from spider?

- Jesse Hadcock July 19, 2009

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Question   Kure Beach Pier
This picture reminds me of a huge, wooden caterpillar inching into the ocean.

love the family and the point-counter point pictures too!! I wish katie and I could have come with you! glad you and mom had such a relaxing getaway though!! I love you!!! great new pics!

-  May 08, 2009

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Question   FANTASTIC
Chet, in all the years I have known you, I never realized the talent that God gave you. Your gallery is surreal!!! To my surpise I enjoyed viewing it. Your old friend, Barry

- Barry Thorne May 05, 2009

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